Dental Safety Tray

Interview with Ingegerd Sandberg, the initiator
of the Dental Safety Tray.

Where did you get this idea from ?

”It has been a problem for a long time that the staff is wounded by our instruments because they protrude outside the trays. So some time ago this idea was brought to life. Around that moment I was visiting Harry Holms, which I knew was an expert in stainless products for health care, and thought this company would be the perfect choice for making this tray. Eventually we started to develop the idea, and now it’s ready ! ”

What are the advantages with this instrument tray ?

”First of all it’s safe. A problem today with many trays is that the instruments jut out and can easily cause stick injuries when loading and unloading the washer-disinfector. This product has a higher edge, which reduces these risks. Furthermore, it´s more hygienic. The holes are bigger and the space wider between the trays, so when you stack them, the water and the detergent reach everywhere, which of course improves the hygiene. The tray is made of stainless steel, which dries quickly and lasts longer, which from a cost and environment perspective are advantages.


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