Consalus – a successful joint venture


Consalus Healthcare Solution AB is the fruit of the cooperation between specialist doctor Pam Khalili, Anders Kästel (MSc Business Adm) and Harry Holms AB around the product TD-o-matic.

The experiences of both Harry Holms and Payam Khalili are that the health care staff often has good ideas about new products, and if these were implemented they would lead to more efficient, safer and a cleaner health care environment. This was the origin of the joint venture company.

CEO Anders Kästel: “Consalus Healthcare Solutions promotes and sells the innovations of the health care professionals, mainly in patient safety, but also in infection prevention and control.”

Consalus has in a short time captured a number of these innovations and participated in the development of them.
See Consalus’ products.

More products are currently in the development phase and will be in the market shortly.

Consalus sells the products directly to health care, but also through the sales channels and partners of Harry Holms.

Do you have any interesting product ideas you would like to discuss ? Contact us now and let´s talk.


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