New CEO for Harry Holms AB

Jesper Gunnarsson Berg started as a new CEO for Harry Holms AB the 3th of September 2018. Jesper has worked as a CEO for two food companies in Uppsala since 2016 but has a background in IKEA and Modulservice. ”- I look forward, along with the talented staff, to take on the challenges of such a reputable and ambitious company as Harry Holms” says Jesper Gunnarsson Berg "We are pleased to have Jesper onboard and look forward to take Harry Holms to the next level" - says Jörgen Holm, Marketing Manager and Partner. You reach Jesper +46 703-501767 or and Jörgen on +46 725-602830 or

‭FLEXI shelving – a hygienic and flexible system for storage shelves.

‭In collaboration with Roy Sjöqvist, at the Central Hospital in Karlstad, Harry Holms has developed a flexible shelving system in stainless steel. ‭The system consists of three main parts: 1. ‭Rear panel, ‭which is mounted at the back side of the shelves. 2. ‭Partition wall, ‭which divides the shelves into sections. 3. ‭Separator, ‭with label holders which divides the section into compartments. ‭The system is designed to work, in a flexible way, together with the Kanban system, but can be used in any place where there’s a need for an adaptable shelving system. ‭Do you want to know more ? ‭Contact us now ! ‭Go to the product page for the FLEXI Shelving System.

Dental Safety Tray

Interview with Ingegerd Sandberg, the initiator of the Dental Safety Tray. Where did you get this idea from ? ”It has been a problem for a long time that the staff is wounded by our instruments because they protrude outside the trays. So some time ago this idea was brought to life. Around that moment I was visiting Harry Holms, which I knew was an expert in stainless products for health care, and thought this company would be the perfect choice for making this tray. Eventually we started to develop the idea, and now it’s ready ! ” What are the advantages with this instrument tray ? ”First of all it’s safe. A problem today with many trays is that the instruments jut out and can easily cause stick injuries when loading and unloading the washer-disinfector. This product has a higher edge, which reduces these risks. Furthermore, it´s more hygienic. The holes are bigger and the space wider between the trays, so when you stack them, the water and the detergent reach everywhere, which of course improves the hygiene. The tray is made of stainless steel, which dries quickly and lasts longer, which from a cost and environment perspective are advantages.   Do you want to know more ? Contact us at Harry Holms now.  

Consalus – a successful joint venture

Consalus Healthcare Solution AB is the fruit of the cooperation between specialist doctor Pam Khalili, Anders Kästel (MSc Business Adm) and Harry Holms AB around the product TD-o-matic. The experiences of both Harry Holms and Payam Khalili are that the health care staff often has good ideas about new products, and if these were implemented they would lead to more efficient, safer and a cleaner health care environment. This was the origin of the joint venture company. CEO Anders Kästel: "Consalus Healthcare Solutions promotes and sells the innovations of the health care professionals, mainly in patient safety, but also in infection prevention and control." Consalus has in a short time captured a number of these innovations and participated in the development of them. See Consalus’ products. More products are currently in the development phase and will be in the market shortly. Consalus sells the products directly to health care, but also through the sales channels and partners of Harry Holms. Do you have any interesting product ideas you would like to discuss ? Contact us now and let´s talk. Read more at Also check the article: A new tool in the fight against health care related infections.

New tool in the fight against health care related infections ….

    In collaboration with Consalus Healthcare Solutions AB we present the TD-o-matic, an innovation made by Payam Khalili, who works as a specialist doctor at a public hospital in Värmland. He saw a hygienic problem with the handling of tongue depressors in his daily work and found a solution. His idea became part of the county council project called Vivan and has been developed by Harry Holms AB. The product is patent-pending and available for orders. Contact us for more information. Would you like to test a TD-o-matic at your place, click here.

Flexible storage locations at the Central Hospital in Karlstad

Flexible storing with storage lifts Roy Sjöqvist, project leader at the Central Hospital in Karlstad, contacted Harry Holms and asked us to find a solution to the need of flexible dividers of the storage locations which easily could be disinfected Another requirement was that the walls should be transparent so the products could easily be seen. The size of the storage location should be adapted according the need. The patented modular system was developed and manufactured at our site in Munkfors. Contact us if you want to know more about the product or has some interesting project you would like to discuss. Read mote about the Central Hospital project here.

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