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''I saw a need for stick safe trays with an optimal hygienic function. I developed the Dental Safety Trayt Safety Tray together with Harry Holms." ...read more
/ Ingegerd Sandberg Hygiene coordinator Swedish Dental Care, Värmland
High standards of hygiene...read more.
Chairs designed by with Bruno Mathsson. Created for the best ergonomics and hygiene....read more.


Our long experience in developing products for health care and sterilization centers, in combination with the experience of the staff of the dental clinics and practices are the basis of our product program in the dental sector. Our stainless products are very well suited for sterilization and contribute to a high hygienic standard.

The objective with our products is to help creating a good ergonomic and safe job environment.

We develop products daily with our customers. How can we assist you ? Contact us already today and tell us about your needs.

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