Product information
  • Seat depth: 370 mm
  • Seat width: 440 mm
  • Back support height: 270 mm
  • Back support width: 350 mm
  • Seat height: 350 – 820 mm. Various gas springs for different seat heights can be selected according to body height.
  • Back support height over the seat: 270 – 320 mm
  • Star base diameter: 580 mm
  • Upholstery: Scandinavian leather or textile in various colors.
  • Warranty: 10 years.

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Product Description

The mechanical parts are totally covered for hygienical reasons. Saga, whose basic idea, like so many other chairs, is built on that the seat and back support can be adjusted independently. There the similarities with a normal office chair end. Because of the deeply bowl-shaped seat the weight is being distributed over a larger area than a normal chair.
The compact design gives the user maximal liberty of movement and the slightly shorter seat contributes to a better blood circulation. Thanks to the possibility to tilt the seat, the pressure decreases on the vertebrae and the risk to get the back problems, which are common among people with sedentary work, decreases. The curved back support encloses the lower parts of the back supporting the back´s natural S-shape and forces the user to a good posture.

  • Foot activator – to adjust the height without using the hands.
  • Various wheels for different surfaces.
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