Our applications

A collaboration with Harry Holms almost always starts in the dialogue with the customer. We capture ideas and wishes which we satisfy with innovative products or production services that meet industry-specific requirements.

High hygiene standards are a common denominator for much of what we do. Harry Holm's products are almost mandatory in hospitals, sterile technical units, and health centers, but also in dental clinics, veterinary clinics, and laboratories.

An important and logical application is also the hygiene sector and the chemical industry where producers and wholesalers of e.g., soap, disinfectants and other cleaning products use our dispensers and holders for their products.

Functionality, robust design, and durability also make our products highly suitable for industrial needs such as washing, storage and various types of handling.

Several of our products have set standards on the market and today we have a large number of customers all over the world.

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Stainless steel dispensers for e.g., soap and hand sanitizer as well as specially developed holders for protective gloves and other hygiene equipment are offered to wholesalers and manufacturers of chemical-technical products.

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Sjukvård, hygien och steril

Healthcare & Sterile

Stainless steel wire baskets, instrument trays, holders and trolleys are mandatory elements in hospitals, sterile units, and health centers, but also in dental clinics, animal hospitals and laboratories.

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Industri och legotillverkning


Robust construction and thoughtful details make our stainless steel basket and wire products well suited for washing, storage, and other goods handling in demanding industrial environments.

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