Medical care and sterile environments

Harry Holm's products have a hard-to-beat position in the Swedish healthcare system. The explanation is simple. The healthcare professionals themselves have been involved in deciding what the products should look like. The end user's participation in the development work is invaluable and several of our main products have emerged from our customers ideas.

Stainless steel wire products throughout the healthcare chain

Hygiene is a common theme throughout our product range. Wire baskets, instrument trays, trolleys, dispensers, and holders are designed to meet extreme cleanliness and safety requirements for patients and staff.

Many of our products are designed to be used throughout the instrument handling process, from surgery to cleaning, sterilization, and storage.

Surface treatment and open construction counteract bacterial accumulations and make the stainless-steel products easy to clean and autoclave. Robust design and thoughtful material choices also keep the products fresh for a long time.

In healthcare environments all over the world

Our products are constantly evolving in terms of both appearance and function. Adaptations are made to new uses and combinations are developed where products interact to solve complex needs.

Our products are available in public and private healthcare environments all over the world. Functional solutions from Harry Holms can be found in the hospital's operating theatres, sterile technical units, and laboratories as well as in the general care’s treatment rooms.