Quality and environment

Quality and environment are obvious staples in Harry Holm's business. Well thought-out quality and environmental policies ensure that all operations are carried out with high quality and with the least possible impact on the environment.

Quality policy


The main focus of our quality management work is to meet the requirements of authorities, stakeholders, and customers, and strive to exceed their expectations. The ultimate responsibility for this lies with the top management.


Leaders at all levels should work towards consensus on clear objectives and create conditions and environments where people are given the opportunity to engage in achieving the organization's quality goals.

Employee Engagement

Competent and engaged employees with authority, at all levels throughout the organization, are crucial to improving our ability to create and deliver value.

Process-Oriented Organization

We believe that stable and predictable results are achieved more efficiently when activities are understood and managed as processes that operate as a coherent system.

Continuous Improvement

We shall continuously work on improving both the quality management system and other processes and methods. Process owners are responsible for the work of continuous improvement within their respective processes.

Fact-Based Decision Making

We believe that decisions based on analysis and evaluation of data and accurate information are more likely to yield desired results.

Relationship Management

For continued and sustainable success, it is important that we nurture our relationships with external parties, such as customers and suppliers.

Risks and Opportunities

By critically examining processes, plans, and decisions at all levels, we create awareness of the consequences of these and take action to exploit opportunities and minimize negative effects.


In summary, this should lead to an organization with competent employees who thrive in their roles and feel engaged, working together towards set goals. We have a clear understanding of our most important processes, how they are interconnected, and the risks and opportunities involved. The management system, processes, and their activities should be continuously improved by setting clear goals and regularly evaluating the system and the processes' ability to deliver desired results. We provide stakeholders, partners, and our customers with a high level of satisfaction.


Environmental policy

Harry Holms AB commits to working towards continuous improvement and reducing environmental impact by contributing to the conservation of our resources and being particularly mindful of the environment when selecting materials and products.

We strive to, in collaboration with our suppliers, offer alternative, less environmentally burdensome products and packaging to our customers. We will always stay updated and comply with environmental laws and regulations relevant to our operations.

The goal of our work is to minimize harmful environmental effects of our operations while meeting requirements for quality, good working conditions, and strong competitiveness. In this way, we ensure the future of the company while also contributing to sustainable development.