Mission, vision, and business model


Harry Holms will offer mainly stainless steel products to customers who appreciate high quality, creativity, and responsiveness.

Harry Holms will offer the market everything from customized products to large volumes. We will always create customer value regardless of market.


Harry Holms is the obvious first choice for products and services that meet the customer's wishes and needs.

Through our attractiveness and stability, we generate increased business value for our customers.


  • We manufacture and sell products both under our own brand and our customers.
  • We sell our products and services directly to the market or through retailers.
  • Our products are spread over a large geographical area with a primary focus on Europe. Other distribution globally is received with interest.
  • We sell our products primarily to healthcare, chemistry, and industry, but other industries should be considered with curiosity.
  • Our production must be imbued with efficiency, flexibility, structure, and wide competence.