Stainless steel wire baskets and instrument trays

Stainless steel wire baskets and instrument trays are an obvious feature in environments with high demands on hygiene and practical handling.

Robust design and thoughtful details allow our instrument trays, fine-mesh baskets, and autoclave baskets to meet extreme demands on cleanliness and safety for patients and staff. Surface treatment and open construction counteract bacterial accumulations and make the stainless-steel products easy to clean and autoclave. Robust design and thoughtful material choices also keep the products fresh for a long time.

Our program is wide and includes standard and special solutions for operating theatres, sterile technical units, and laboratories as well as for general care treatment rooms.

  • Instrument trays

    Instrument trays

    Stainless steel instrument trays for sterile environments – so-called SPRI baskets – and insert-baskets are offered in several different sizes.

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  • Fine-mesh baskets

    Fine-mesh baskets

    Stainless steel, fine-meshed baskets with C/C 1.6 mm grid distance for cleaning and storing smaller instruments and small parts.

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  • Autoclave baskets

    Autoclave baskets

    Stackable and submersible stainless steel baskets for autoclaving/cleaning and storing medical instruments and accessories.

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  • Accessories for baskets

    Accessories for baskets

    Instrument springs and scissor holders are offered as accessories, as well as stainless steel rated washers, key rings, and label holders.

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