Stable, quiet, and easy-to-use stacking trolleys that can be equipped with e.g., autoclave baskets, flat tray shelves or shelves with slats intended for containers. The content is selected based on the user's own needs. Each wagon will thus be unique.

Pattern-protected consoles simplify handling and provide smart fixation and good ergonomics. Baskets and shelves, with safety stops in the outer position, can be pulled out halfway from both sides of the trolley. Autoclave basket consoles allow for a slightly downward angle to make it easier to access the contents of the basket.

The trolley is based on a fully welded construction and all parts are made of acid-proof stainless steel. The seamless design eliminates the risk of water penetrating. Flat, jointless surfaces without dirt pockets also make the trolley easy to keep clean.

Rounded top construction, without protruding details, makes for easy draping. Easy-to-roll, lockable and heat-resistant wheels, which can withstand 95oC, make the trolley easy to operate, quiet and responsive.