There is much that speaks a lot for Harry Holm's

There are many reasons to choose Harry Holms if you are looking for wire products or qualified stainless steel subcontracting. Here you will find the innovative ideas and cutting-edge expertise in construction and production. There is also the knowledge and understanding of the function of the final product.

Original products of high Swedish quality

The starting point for Harry Holm's products is often sheet metal and stainless steel. We design, test and produce well-thought-out patented original products from Swedish raw materials. In our own design department, products adapted to our customers' requirements are developed.

The product range is wide and includes a large number of items. Several of the products have set standards on the market and we currently have customers all over the world. Many of the baskets, trays and dispensers that currently appear on the market originate from Harry Holms.

High-tech - in a Värmland way

All production is carried out – under one roof – in our own production environment in Munkfors, Värmland.

Here, high-tech, automated processing is interspersed with ingenuity, resourcefulness and genuine Värmländ craftsmanship. Experienced operators, with great professional pride, follow the products from development and production to final quality tests and delivery.

At Harry Holms, you are in charge.

A product from Harry Holms often emerges in the conversation with you as a customer. You bring the knowledge and wishes as a user and we listen carefully to bring innovative products or production services that meet your requirements.

Our production is built for large scale but also to cope with small series of customized products with high quality and good economy.

As a customer, you can follow and influence the entire process. We are only satisfied when the final product is in place and everything works as planned.

We know our customers' business

Harry Holm's products have a hard-to-beat position in European healthcare and industry. The relationships are deep, and we have learned for decades what is important for our customers' business.

The customer dialogue gives us advantages in our own development work and several of our main products have emerged from ideas from our customers.

Qualified subcontracting producer

The technical precision of our founder Harry Holm has followed us for generations and we are today an experienced and appreciated subcontracting manufacturer for Swedish industry

We have solid production experience with stainless steel products and a well thought-out, automated machine park for bending, welding and electropolishing.