Production is the very hub of our business. In efficient and well planned flows, a modern, automated machine park interacts with genuine craftsmanship from experienced operators.

The production includes processing sheet metal and stainless steel. Well-thought-out machinery offers automatic wire bending in robots, automatic and manual spot and tig welding, and custom-built automatic machines adapted to the products.

We also do our own pickling and electropolishing in house. Long experience and extensive knowledge of stainless steel forming and welding are always at your disposal.

We are happy to participate as problem solvers in the initial stage to find solutions that streamline production and optimize the production economy.

Our production is built to cope with quality and good economy in both large and small series. We provide high flexibility, and we can easily cope with rapid changes, both before and during the process.



Automatic and manual spot and tig welding



Automatic wire bending in robots



Our own resources for pickling and electropolishing