Stacking trolley 5A 125

Stacking trolley 5A 125

SKU: 50112

Stainless steel stacking trolley intended to be equipped with autoclave baskets, shelves intended for containers and flat grid shelves. The pattern-protected guides provide easy handling and good fixation of the mentioned accessories.

Autoclave baskets and grid shelves for containers can be pulled out to half their depth from both sides of the trolley. The guides for autoclave baskets provide a slightly downward sloping angle for easier loading and unloading of goods. The trolley can be loaded from both sides.

The trolley is designed for efficient cleaning without parts that create dirt pockets and consists only of parts in stainless steel. The rounded top construction and the absence of protruding details provide a smooth handling in connection with covering the trolley.

The four large quality wheels create the conditions for a quiet and compliant carriage.

The trolley can be specially adapted based on the customer's own wishes regarding the number and type of content.

The trolley and all accessories such as autoclave baskets, different types of grid shelves and document holders can be purchased directly from our own production in Munkfors.

Product description

The dimensions of the trolley
Height: 1543 mm
Width: 684 mm
Depth: 469 mm
Weight: 16.5 kg (Unpaired)
Exterior dimensions of pipe construction
Width: 663 mm
Depth: 449 mm
Material: Acid-resistant stainless AISI.316
Surface finish: Electrically polished
Type: 4 stainless and lockable
Diameter: 125 mm
Temperature resistance: up to 95 ° C

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