Holders and dispensers for hygiene applications are undoubtedly among our oldest products. Items that were produced and manufactured back in the 1960s are very much still on the market. At the same time, an increasing focus on hygiene promotes higher consumption of soap, disinfection, and other hygiene products, which increases the demand for functional holders and pumps.

Harry Holm's dispenser - a staple among soap pumps

Harry Holm's products are well known among wholesalers and manufacturers of soaps, disinfectants, and hygiene products. Our dispensers – or soap pumps as many people choose to call them – have in many ways set standards for both appearance and function.

The robust design and the electropolished surface layer provide an outstanding service life. Many of our dispensers have been around for a long time, some since the start of production more than fifty years ago. The buyer is also attracted by the simple but ingenious design.

Our dispensers are widely used in healthcare but are also very common in toilet and hygiene areas in other public environments.

Special holders for protective and hygiene products

Good relationships and a continuous dialogue with our customers give us continuous ideas for new, stainless steel mesh and wire products.

The need for hygiene-proof solutions for cardboard-packed medical equipment has led us to our patented Box Holder - a specially developed cardboard holder for wall mounting. Box Holder, available with 1-4 compartments, makes it easy to change the carton while keeping the packaging firmly in place.

The holding range also includes stainless steel special holders for cans, napkins, and wet wipes.

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Dispenser for disinfectant


Dispenser for disinfectant

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