Combi - historical bestseller for Harry Holms

Our bestseller Combi is a product developed entirely by the company. The product is an excellent example of how, through ambition and ingenuity, we have acted when customers have requested a special function in a product.

The story behind Combi begins with founder Harry Holm, together with his son Leif Holm, sitting in the lunchroom folding paper to get the optimal solution for one of the customers demanded soap pump. The goal is to develop a smart and user-friendly overall solution where simplicity and function are combined in the best way.

The paper folding succeeded and resulted in a fully functional and highly efficient machine line, where today countless Combis are produced per year. Already in 1988, the Combi was patented. The product has since been a worldwide success.

The Combi is available in a variety of designs in terms of arms, mounting, and brackets, all based on customers' unique wishes.


Published 6 Mar 2021