Industrial washing basket - large standard c/c 12

Industrial washing basket - large standard c/c 12

SKU: s64.330-12

S64-12 is available in 3 different standard sizes. The basket consist of a screen made of 2.5 mm threads with 12 mm c/c distance.

Stainless and stackable washing basket, which thanks to its robust construction and high quality in all details, gives a very long life. The bottom frames are designed to be suitable for transport on conveyor belts.

The baskets can be customized to other dimensions than those mentioned below, according to the needs of the client.

Material: Stainless AISI.304 (or AISI.316).

The surface of baskets is normally not treated, but can be electropolished on request.

Standard articles
Article number LxWxH (mm)

S64.330-12 600x390x330
S64.230-12 600x390x230
S64.115-12 600x390x115

Other articles on request
S64.108-12 600x390x108
S64.300-12 600x390x300
S64.169-12 600x390x169
S64.154-12 600x390x154
S64.119-12 600x390x119

The product can be purchased directly from our factory in Munkfors.

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